WordPress translation made easy with WPML & InnovaLang

InnovaLang is a language service provider working in partnership with WPML that makes easy for you to translate your WordPress website: you won’t have to worry about any technical details. With the WPML plugin for WordPress, you choose the content you want to send for translation, and InnovaLang will upload the translated content back into WPML plug-in for review and publishing. It’s just as easy as that!

Benefits of working with WPML & InnovaLang

Translate any kind of WordPress website

WPML-InnovaLang plug-in gives you a user-friendly framework to translate any part of your site, from content in pages, to posts and menus. Integrations with WooCommerce and popular SEO plugins help you to easily translate any kind of site, at the same time expanding your target market.

Affordable cost

As a WPML client, you will take advantage of InnovaLang custom rates for translation services, and save valuable time. No complicated spreadsheets to track, neither email back-and-forth needed – WPML Translation Management plugin

lets you choose the exact content you need to send to InnovaLang for translation, and to follow its status at a glance. Plus, it includes a word count tool for estimating costs.

Peace of mind

You translate your site using WPML features integrated with InnovaLang translation services keeping absolute peace of mind. We work together to provide a seamless translation workflow to smooth the entire process.

Reliable tech support

WPML & InnovaLang partnership makes it easy for your developers to build multilingual sites. Need help with their development? You can hire WPML-approved contractors who are experts in building and maintaining multilingual WordPress websites. While your project is on the run, our partnership gives you VIP access to technical support.

Getting started

To benefit from the WPML-InnovaLang integration, you will first need a WPML Multilingual CMS or Multilingual Agency account:

For step-by-step instructions on how to get WPML and InnovaLang translation services set up correctly, follow this Getting Started Guide.