Legal translation

We collaborate with a network of lawyer-linguists who marry legal expertise with an in-depth knowledge of foreign languages that they continually hone and keep up to date.

Our legal-translation service is reliably impeccable, because the texts are translated exclusively by lawyers accredited in the respective competent jurisdictions who translate into their mother tongue.

We offer translation, editing, proofreading, sworn-translation and legalisation services in the following legal fields:

  • Environmental-law translations
  • Administrative-law translations
  • Insurance law translations
  • Banking law translations
  • Civil-law translations
  • Commercial-law translations
  • Company law translations
  • Competition and market law translations
  • Energy law translations
  • European Union law translations
  • Employment law translations
  • Pension law translations
  • Social-security law translations
  • Family law translations
  • Translations on the rights of the child
  • Personality-rights law translations
  • Ecclesiastical-law translations
  • Industrial-law translations
  • Intellectual-property law translations
  • Private-international-law translations
  • Public-international-law translations
  • Criminal-law translations
  • Administrative-procedural-law translations
  • Civil-procedural-law translations
  • Criminal-procedural-law translations
  • Sports law translations
  • Tax law translations