Marketing and advertising translation

Marketing and advertising translation is a complex field that brands underestimate at their peril.

Besides “straight” translation, it also entails the development of original, effective content to attract, engage and persuade the target audience.

This specialist work demands a completely different approach from that used in technical translation. For to express the message to full effect, the translators and editors must have writerly talents with a dash of literary flair and poetic sensibility.

This kind of translation sometimes involves what is known as transcreation – a process where creative flair, linguistic smarts and communicative verve unite to produce content that really cuts through.

  • Translation of advertisements
  • Translation of articles and blog posts
  • Translation of banner ads
  • Translation of branded content
  • Translation of brochures and flyers
  • Translation of press releases
  • Translation of labels and packaging information
  • Translation of newsletters
  • Translation of presentations
  • Translation of websites
  • Translation of in-house magazines
  • Translation of advertising copy
  • Transcreation