Discover the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models (LLMs) with our exclusive training program, designed to demystify AI technologies and unveil their true potential. In a world where AI is in the spotlight, we offer you the opportunity to explore and master revolutionary tools like ChatGPT without the need for advanced programming skills. Our unique approach uses natural language to “develop” making AI accessible to everyone.

Our program unfolds through three key stages: AWARENESS, AI LAB, and ADVISORY, each crafted to equip you with the skills necessary to transform your workplace with AI. Starting from a solid understanding of AI, we will guide you through practical exercises and advanced techniques, with a strong emphasis on security and data ownership.

The prices listed below are for the courses, regardless of the number of participants: for example, if 20 people participate in the Awareness course, the cost per participant will be €90+VAT. Any travel expenses will be billed separately.

AWARENESS: Begin your AI journey with sessions that cover essential terminology, the use of language models for text, data analysis, and image generation, and stimulate the imagination for innovative applications specific to your business reality.

Maximum number of participants: 20.

Price: €1800

AI LAB: Dedicated to operational staff, this intensive course develops advanced skills in Prompt Engineering. You will learn to control the output of AI models, identify errors, refine prompts for customized results, and much more, through practical and targeted interaction.

Maximum number of participants: 6.

Price: €1200

ADVISORY: Finally, we offer personalized one-on-one consultations for managerial roles, focusing on designing pathways for integrating AI technologies with specific attention to business needs.

Maximum number of participants: 2.

Price: €800

We can also issue a certificate of attendance by InnovaLang at a price of €10 for each participant.

Our trainers, experts in Machine Learning, Data Analysis, and Language Models, will ensure a direct training experience at your company for an optimal and interactive experience. Contact us to discuss how our program can be customized to perfectly fit your business reality and to define a start date.

Imagine surpassing the current limits, integrating Artificial Intelligence into your business processes effectively and innovatively. With our program, it’s possible. Take control of the future!

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Normally, we hold our courses at the client’s premises, but depending on your needs, we can rent convenient spaces for you, which will be billed separately.

They must be comfortable and quiet rooms/classrooms/meeting rooms, equipped with a screen suitable for the number of participants. Moreover, the classroom must be equipped with a whiteboard or flip chart and an adequate internet connection must be ensured for all participants. The course also includes practical exercises where participants will be invited to try out some prompts and interactions directly on their devices.

We believe in direct interaction and exclusively offer in-person courses.

You will receive an invoice to be paid by bank transfer, within 7 days from the beginning of the course or consultancy. This deadline must be respected, otherwise, the course will be cancelled or postponed.

Our courses are professional consultations structured as practical and concrete trainings in the corporate environment: they are not related to the academic world.

Our certificates of attendance certify that you have attended our courses: they do not confer specific educational credits, are not accredited by other entities, nor do they have academic value.

We can share them, upon request.