Welcome to the inaugural article on our blog, freshly launched today along with the InnovaLang rebrand! Naturally, it’s all about the new website, the revamped www.innovalang.eu.

We like to think of it as 2.0, for it’s fully interactive at last. It acts as a hub with close links to social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), to Kliir and Limbas Agency, and of course to our clients and staff. The chat feature is manned in office hours and offers a response 24/7; the quote request facility is always there; and so is the application form for aspiring vendors (translators, editors and proofreaders).

It was high time, given how big we’ve grown. Sharpening our communications is essential to meet our ambitions as we expand: InnovaLang has advanced in the last two years from 66th to 36th place by turnover and now 23rd place by growth rate in the list of Italian language service providers (source: Plimsoll).

We’re especially proud of our core business: patent translation, a market segment where we’ve established ourselves as one of Italy’s top 3 translation agencies.

Our strategy, developed in late 2018 and early 2019, is to focus on organic growth in the short and medium term – thriving under our own steam, without takeovers or mergers. The aim is to diversify our markets by investing mainly in legal and financial translation and in TTT (travel & tourism translation).

Our approach to TTT is three-pronged. The full launch of the Kliir service, available for a month already now, is coming soon (as is an article about this fantastic app); we offer translation services to meet all the travel and tourism sector’s international-communication needs; and we now have the support of Limbas Agency in a region that is second to none anywhere in the world for its tourism potential – Sardinia.

But Limbas Agency, which opened this June in Cagliari, is more than just our island base. As we’ll explore in later poss (here Sardex, and here TU40, two great examples about this innovative island), Sardinia is a hive of enterprise that deserves a strong, dedicated local hub to support business internationalisation with a comprehensive range of top-quality multilingual communication services. From restaurant menus to technical manuals and websites to brochures, for whatever language assistance you need to market your offering and spread the good word, now and in the future, Limbas Agency has you covered.

And it’s all thanks to our exceptional in-house team – the Project Management, Administration and Translation departments – and the hundreds of professional translators and editors who deliver such excellent quality work. We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Paola Gargiulo Maffei, who’ll be our social-media eyes and ears, and Marco Ballauri del Conte, our new HR / Sales & Marketing Manager.

The targets we’ve set ourselves are certainly ambitious, and we wanted to express it all in a clean, pleasing visual style with a web presence that’s accessible and easy to use. It’s a goal that our InnovaLang stablemates www.kliir.com and www.limbas.agency also share. The new logo covers all three sites: the full version includes the name and icon, featuring the stylised IL initials, where the “I” is a person who dares to break out from the circle to explore and innovate, while the “L” represents our passion and our work – languages – as we drive forward into the future.

After all, InnovaLang stands for both Innovation in Language and the Language of Innovation, concepts that we have long embraced in the form of over 20,000 patents translated to date. The mission continues!