Under the new requirements for the impending European Unitary Patent, aka “European Patent with Unitary Effect”, applications must also be lodged with a translation into an EU language other than English, French or German. Although it is for information purposes only and has no legal effect, this must still be an accurate reflection of the original.

InnovaLang is an Italian Turin-based translation agency specialising in patent translation. We have translated over 30,000 patent applications since 2003, using only translators and editors who specialise in multilingual patent language.

Over the last two years, we have deployed our in-house skills in AI and neural-network development to build a proprietary automated-translation tool: PATREN, the PAtent TRanslation ENgine. It is based both on statistical patterning and on neural networks and artificial intelligence, leveraging the many texts that we have translated in two decades of our core business by drawing exclusively on termbases and translation memories in the form of parallel EN/IT corpora – aligned texts in the two languages that have been checked and validated in our internal quality-assurance processes.

These corpora feed 19 different databases, each containing typical terminology for their respective technical/scientific macrodomains (automotive, chemical, electronics, telecoms, etc.). Their ability to contextualise texts in the patent field is currently superior to any other machine translation engine on the market, as our BLEU scores confirm.

Latterly, we have run dozens of blind tests where our editors are not told where the translation came from: every time, they rated the quality of the translation output directly from PATREN as equal to that produced by a very good professional human translator. In other words, our system passed the Turing test with flying colours in the specific field of English > Italian patent translation.

Available exclusively to InnovaLang, this tool enables us to satisfy the new unitary European patent requirements while responding to the challenges of an increasingly competitive market. We can supply conformant translations for any patenting strategy through our dual tariff below:

  1. Automated PATREN output: €0.03/source word
  2. Option 1. + full revision: €0.045/source word

In both cases, we’ll need an editable file, typically the EPO B1; the price includes administration, translating any labels in tables, and formatting the translated document to your specific requirements.

We also provide patent translations from French and German into English, and we are working on extending the PATREN engine to cover all language combinations involving English, French, German and Italian.

For more information and technical details about our PATREN solution, please email us at perotto@innovalang.eu.

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