We are glad to announce our partnership with WPML for the localization of WordPress websites.

InnovaLang has signed a partnership with WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin) in order to better support our customers and web agencies using this platform.

This will make it easier to choose and send the texts to be translated, and to manage the language updates as well.

The websites now created on the WordPress platform can easily and quickly become international thanks to the WPML plug-in, allowing an easy update of the websites into multiple languages, whose professional translation has been provided by InnovaLang.

The customer will only have to SELECT THE PAGE TO BE TRANSLATED, and InnovaLang will take care of all the rest, thanks to the WPML integration.

How does this integration work in detail?

  1. Purchase WPML and install it on WordPress
  2. Add the languages you need on the website: WPML will automatically connect to InnovaLang
  3. Select the pages to be translated: WPML will automatically send them to InnovaLang
  4. You will receive a quote by InnovaLang
  5. InnovaLang will take care of the high-quality translation
  6. The translated files will be uploaded by InnovaLang on WPML, which will integrate them to your website.

The HTML source format will be fully kept, and this will mean no formatting issues. WPML enables uploading the translation while respecting the HTML format of the original page, without waste of time, possible mistakes or need to review the text.

For more information about the WPML-InnovaLang integration, our Team is at your disposal at traduzioni@innovalang.eu!

To read more about WPML, visit… Here! :-)